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About ArtificialIntelligenceAdvisoryCouncil.com

JW Davis
Founder & President
Tel:  727.657.3339 - Cell:  727.218.9584
Email:  jwdavis2013@gmail.com

The ArtificialIntelligenceAdvisoryCouncil.com was founded on March 3, 2010 by JW Davis.

The most important thing we do is to monitor, address and advise on major very important issues within the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Technology Industry for the 21st Century.

ArtificialIntelligenceAdvisoryCounsil.com in coordination with TechnologyMostWanted.com is owned and operated right here on Kentucky Lake in Hardin, KY, with offices also in central west Florida on the Gulf Coast north of Tampa Bay, Florida. 

Our purpose is to address any Bias and Discrimination present in the Artifiicial Intelligence Community.

AI systems can most certainly and inadvertently perpetuate or amplify societal biases due to biased training data or algorithmic design(s). 

To minimize discrimination and ensure fairness, it is crucial to invest in the development of unbiased algorithms and diverse training data sets for the utmost success.
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